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Welcome to the order & support portal for authorized dealers. Consumer product and warranty support may be accessed at www.behringer.com and www.bugera-amps.com.


Starin is proud to distribute BEHRINGER and BUGERA products in the US through a network of Authorized Dealers. Combining an irresistible value proposition, a confidence-inspiring 3-Year Warranty program and generous Dealer Terms, BEHRINGER and BUGERA products strengthen your product offering.

The Eurocom Story
BEHRINGER was founded in 1989 with a simple philosophy that would prove immensely popular to musicians, sound engineers and aspiring artists. Their mission from the outset was to make great professional audio equipment affordable for anyone who needed it. Two decades and over 30 million products later, they can confidently declare that this strategy has stood the test of time. Their constant pursuit of efficiency continues to deliver the benefits that their millions of loyal customers have come to expect from them.

Over the past two decades they have heard from many customers who have used their products in installed sound systems. After all, system integrators and contractors are always looking for products that deliver a rich feature set, consistent reliability and superior value; and BEHRINGER products deliver on all counts. As more and more integrators turned to them, they asked for products to provide more application-specific solutions. In essence, they wanted BEHRINGER to apply their founding philosophy to the installed sound industry.

When BEHRINGER made a commitment to enter the installation market we knew that it would take much more than just great products. It would also mean a new and different way of doing business, with a different sales and distribution model, terms of sale, marketing and support requirements. They recognized early on that the nature of project-driven sales differs considerably from that of retail sales and that their organization would need to adapt in order to fully and properly support the efforts of our installation customers.

In an industry that has been dominated by well-entrenched players for a very long time, BEHRINGER's installation products are truly unique. Where the current standards include linear power supplies with around 20% efficiency, BEHRINGER has opted for energy-saving switch-mode designs that operate at up to 85% efficiency. Where loudspeakers have come to all look alike, BEHRINGER has broken the mold and delivered an uncompromising aesthetic. Where features were offered as optional extras, they have included them and made the products more affordable.

Longtime BEHRINGER observers will recognize our EUROLIVE, EURODESK and EUROPOWER product family names. The origin of these names stems from our roots as a small startup in Germany, hence the name EURO. So, of course when it came time to name the family of installed products, they naturally started there. The second half of the name came from the true purpose of installed products; they enable people to communicate.

And thus was born EUROCOM. A family of products designed to meet the needs of system integrators with fresh ideas, breathtaking technologies, style and as always, unbeatable value.

That's what BEHRINGER EUROCOM stands for.
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